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Advocates Gear Up to Tell Congress, “Have a Heart for Valentine’s Day”

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If you’re concerned about the future of healthcare for PWD, you’ve got to get in on this!
Our IL partners at Center for Independence of the Disabled New York are preparing for a Valentine’s Day social media campaign and we’re supporting the effort! The goal is to reach Republicans who have not yet supported the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid . We are asking people to do the following:

1. Do a snapshot of yourself and in three or four sentences describe why you need (Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA) and why if this coverage goes away your health and independence will suffer. Ask your Congressperson to “Have a heart for Valentine’s Day and preserve the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare”
2. Do a quick video on your phone that shows you and speaks for 30 seconds to one minute about how your health and independence would be affected if Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA are dismantled. Ask your Congressperson to “Have a heart for Valentine’s Day and preserve the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare”

Here’s a story from the New York Times that is a good example of what someone can do.

“Rosanna Armendariz, 43, El Paso
It would be terrible for my husband and me. We have no other means to get affordable health care that will cover our pre-existing conditions. My husband is self-employed and therefore has no employer-based health plan, and I am a stay at home parent to our 8-year-old son with autism.
“Our son receives Medicaid and I am also very concerned about proposed cuts to Medicaid, and the Republican party’s desire to turn it over to the states in block grants. The Republican plan for health care is no plan. Many sick and disabled people will be left out in the cold.”

Post these stories on your Facebook or other social media page and ask your friends to share them. Post them on your Congressman’s page. Talk about why you are doing this and encourage others to act.

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