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Disabled Rights Initiative for Voter Empowerment

If you want to witness American civic action at its grassroots best, members of Disabled Rights Initiative for Voter Empowerment (DRIVE) are more than happy to welcome you into the fold.  Perhaps you’re a seasoned activist, or maybe a novice with the energy to get behind a cause.  Perhaps you are someone with a disability or maybe you aren’t.  The only prerequisite here is that you share a common belief:  That people with disabilities must have full access to the same rights and privileges afforded their non-disabled neighbors.

DRIVE is a group of persons united for the common goal to ensure that their collective voice is heard by candidates for public office, political representatives, and other government officials.  They aim to make known to those who speak for our communities the concerns and issues important to voters with disabilities.  They pledge to actively use their voting power to hold them accountable for bringing disability issues to the political forefront.

Projects undertaken by DRIVE have included:

– Exit polling designed to evaluate voter response to accessible voting technology
– Poll site inspections to determine physical and programmatic accessibility of voting stations across Nassau County
– Development of documents for the purpose of sharing findings and proposing solutions on access to the vote to Nassau County Board of Elections and the New York State Secretary of State
– Participation in national, state and local Action Alerts on political issues impacting the independence and quality of life of citizens with disabilities

DRIVE is always seeking new members and is more than happy to provide additional information about its goals and objectives.

To join DRIVE, please complete the membership form below.
Specific inquiries should be directed to LICIL’s Director of Advocacy & Community Policy, Therése E. Brzezinski.

DRIVE Membership Form

Poll Site Accessibility Report 2008