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LICIL Directory

A Resource for People with Disabilities

All addresses and phone numbers in this Directory have been checked and were correct at the time of printing. From time to time businesses/agencies may move and/or change their phone numbers.
It’s recommended that you check the address if you plan to visit any business and/or agency.
Thank you.

ADA Information ( Americans with Disabilities Act)
Advocacy Groups
Alternative Apparel
Assistive Technology
Bath Transfer Aids & Systems
Bed-Special Needs
Budget Management
Centers for Independent Living–CIL
Children’s Services
Community Grant Programs/Home Modifications Grants
Computer & Computer Assistance
Contractors (See Home Renovations for Access & Safety)
Counseling Services
Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Developmental Disabilities
Disability Attorneys
Disability Service Agencies, Assoc. Soc. & Organizations
Disability Specific Organizations Local Chapters
Door Automation for Disabled Access
Durable Medical Equipment/Adaptive Equipment
Previously Owned, Exchanged, Refurbished & Recycled
Employment Services
Government & County Offices
Health Care Programs & Services
Hispanic Outreach Services (Servicios en Español)
HIV/AIDS Information
Home Ownership
Home Renovations for Access & Safety
Housing Authority–Low Income & Section 8 Programs Only
Housing General Information
Housing- Homeless Information
Housing- Tenant’s Rights
Housing- Foreclosure Prevention
Housing- Senior Housing
Housing- Specialized Housing
Independent Living Aides & Accessories
In–Home Service
Learning Disabilities
Legal Services & Assistance
Leisure & Sports
Lift & Transfer Systems
Mastectomy/Women’s Orthotics
Memory Loss/Memory Aids
Mental Health–Mental Illness (see also Housing- Specialized):
– – – Psychotherapy & Chemical Dependency Counseling
– – – Social Programs
National Agencies
Offices of Disabled Student Services
Parking Permits
Pressure Support Systems (Cushions)
Rehabilitation Services
Senior Citizens
Service Animals & Guide Dogs
Shopping at Home-Catalogs & Websites
Social Connections
Speech & Hearing
Spinal Cord Injury-SCI
Support Groups
Telephone Adaptive Services
Theater Arts
Transportation Services
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Travel Services
Urinary & Incontinence Supply
Van Rentals
Vehicle Modifications
Visually Impaired Services
Vocational Rehabilitation
Voter Registration & Information
Wheelchair Parts & Accessories
Wheelchair Repairs