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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

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LICIL’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program-CDPAP is a consumer-driven personal assistance program offered in Nassau County. The program allows people with disabilities to gain more control over their personal assistance services.

LICIL’s CDPAP enables self directing consumers to advertise, recruit, interview, hire, supervise, train and dismiss their own personal assistant(s). LICIL’s role is that of a fiscal intermediary for personal assistants. Self-directing persons assess their own needs, determine how and by whom these needs should be met, and monitor the quality of services received. Individuals independently make all decisions and manage services directly.
If an individual is unable to do so, they may use a certain family member or friend to manage needed services.

Who is Eligible for LICIL’s CDPAP?

Consumers must live in Nassau & Suffolk County, be currently receiving, or be approved for personal assistance by the Department of Social Services, be eligible for Medicaid, be medically stable and be self-directing.

How do I become a consumer of LICIL’s CDPAP?

To become a consumer of LICIL’s CDPAP, call LICIL at 516-796-0144 (voice) or 516-796-0135(TDD), and a CDPAP staff person will appropriately direct you.

Benefits of participating in LICIL’s CDPAP

LICIL’s CDPAP fosters independence and consumer empowerment by affording more control over identifying and acquiring personal care needs. This control makes consumers less reliant on a medical service model to obtain the daily assistance they need to fully participate in their own communities.

– Consumers will recruit interview, hire, train, supervise and dismiss their personal assistant(s).
– Consumers may hire as many personal assistants as needed to accommodate their life style within the amount of coverage hours authorized by Social Services.
– Consumers will be developing a working relationship with their personal assistant(s) without infringement.
– Consumers will be able to access LICIL’s CDPAP services to assist them recruiting a personal assistant.
– Consumers will have the choice of participating in a network system where they can share information.
– Consumers will have information on issues which impact individuals who need home care.

LICIL’s CDPAP Consumer Responsibilities

Consumers must sign an agreement to fulfill the following responsibilities.

– Manage services of the personal assistant(s) employed.
– Notify LICIL of any changes, i.e., address, phone numbers, etc.
– Notify LICIL of changes in status of your personal assistant’s hours, tax exemptions, address, phone numbers, etc.
– Process required paperwork such as time sheets, vacation and leave forms, employment agreements, etc.
– Approve time off and arrange for substitute coverage.
– Supervision of W-4 forms, medical wage agreement and employment agreement.
– Act as employer-of-record.
– Providing equal employments opportunity to all prospective employees, regardless of their race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, marital status, orientation or sexual preference.