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Meet the Staff

Joan Lynch, Executive Director

Susan McCormack, Director of CDPAS & Corporate Compliance Officer

Therese E. Brzezinski Director Planning and Public Policy

Alphabetical Order

Mariela Arevalo, Community Liaison (CDPAS)

Marisol Arevalo, Admissions Counselor (Hispanic Outreach Services)

Thomas Bodnar, Housing Assistant

Osman Canales, Director of Hispanic Outreach Services

Tara Cassano, Receptionist

Stacy Dailey, Payroll (CDPAS)

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Martine Damas,
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Tanny Deza-Adamo, Assistant to Executive Director (HOS)

Christina Georgiou, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Bernardette Lipari, Clerk

Vanessa Lopez, Administrative Assistant / Transportation Coordinator

Linda Maffia, Librarian

Susan McCormack, Director of CDPAS & Corporate Compliance Officer

Marc Ross Miller, Ph.D., Director of Housing

Diana Moreno, Program Coordinator (CDPAS)

Rhonda Morgan, Housing Advocate

Rosemarie Parrillo, Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Donna Pawlikowsky, Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Holly Peco, Assistant Director of Fiscal Management

Diane M. Puchta, Human Resources Manager

James Puchta, Ph.D., LMHC, CCMHC, Director of Benefits Advisement

Lidieth Sagastizado, Medical Biller (CDPAS)

Mario Sanchez, Driver

Jeannine Smith, Receptionist

Price, Guide Dog

Sadie, Therapy Dog